Valiant Holding  S.A.


Introducing your new integrated business team.







"The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today"


                              Franlin D. Roosevelt






Valiant Holding is a sales and marketing advisory firm, and in addition to helping companies identify and correct the structural problems that impede sales organizations, we provide process development and implementation services that lay the foundation for sustained top line growth.



Our steps


The first thing is to know each other. And to assign the suited professional to your needs you will earn time by explaining us carefully what is your business about, on what are you corcened to improve, what are the problems you are facing and any other thing that could let us know about you and your needs.

Once we are already in touch we can begin working together.

We will design a map where is easier to clarify the professional thoughts, the different ways to take and of course the real targets to achieve.

      As an example we perform the following services for some clients:
         • Executive Find.
         • Career Counselling.
         • Assessments.
         • Coaching.      

In addition to searching and recruiting best-fit talents for your organisation, VAHSA provides career counselling, assessments and coaching for both clients and candidates. Whether it’s about moving into positions with increasing responsibility, exploring new ways of growing your career or preparing for job interviews, we strive to make you fulfil (new) challenging roles.

      We specialise in appointments at senior management level, including:
         • Sales & Business Development
         • (Business) Consultant
         • Project, Programme & Change Management      
         • CEO, CTO, COO etc.

If you love the idea of having an experienced team of Accounting, HR, IT, and marketing experts to add to your business toolkit without having to hire more employees, you’ve come to the right place. Avitus Group has worked with businesses from almost every major market sector and we rely on the experience of trained professionals to tackle each diverse set of challenges. From hiring to firing, payroll to taxes, and tech security to marketing, we know that our clients thrive best under a multidisciplinary approach.

Your business needs are dynamic, and so are we.





Save time and money

Tap expertise at the right time

Are you still doing the taxes for your business? If so, does it make sense for you to spend your valuable time on such a complex task that also may be outside your area of expertise?

What about other financial issues that small businesses typically grapple with, like controlling costs or increasing efficiency? VAHSA can assist you with the development of strategies for making improvements on both fronts. And if your venture is on the fast track for growth, a skilled consultant can provide insight that can enable you to seize new opportunities while avoiding common pitfalls that could derail your success.


Even if you would prefer to tackle all business matters personally, engaging an outside expert when especially complex or sensitive issues arise can be an extra measure to ensure problems receive proper attention and are thoroughly resolved. It also can be useful to have a third-party’s perspective on matters that require objectivity, or an “extra set of eyes” to verify that no mistakes have been made in a critical process.

You can also look for help assessing and evaluating your business strategy, processes, operations management, supply chain logistics, exposure to risk and more. Engaging a consulting resource can be an efficient way to tap the expert knowledge your business needs at just the right time and only for as long as it is required.


Navigate changing workloads

Grow for the future

If you would need to ramp up your business suddenly and significantly, could you deliver?

If you don’t have ample support to meet an increase in demand for your products or services or to create new offerings, you could be at risk of disappointing your customers — and potentially damaging your business’s reputation.

But of course, you also want to avoid hiring more employees until you are certain that workloads will be sustained.


You want your business to succeed and thrive over the long term.

But do you know where your future growth will come from? Engaging an interim management consultant with relevant industry experience to support your business not only can help you determine the answer but also get you pointed in the right direction.

Highly skilled senior-level professionals who work on a consulting basis can serve in a number of critical roles, from accounting manager to CFO.

There are many ways for you to work with VAHSA while your business grows and changes. Most important, perhaps, is that these resources can give you the valuable time needed to focus on what you do best: Developing your business and being an expert at whatever it is that led you to launch your own company in the first place.